The most important events in Oncology in 2019

  • Advances in fundamental oncology: Year 2019 update
  • Microbiome and its role in oncology
  • What has changed in clinical oncology practice In 2019?
  • First line dosointensive chemotherapy for Disseminated ovarian cancer after non optimal Cyted reduction: Results of the phase ii study
  • The role of liquid biopsy in the choice of tactics For the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer
  • Clinical experience of afatinib application In non-cell lung cancer of lung. Ii line of therapy
  • About features of quality examination of medical care to patient metastatic kidney cancer

Autonomous nonprofit organization «Russian School of Oncologists»

Russian School of Oncologists was established in 1999. Our main purpose is to improve the efficacy of cancer treatment.

We have invited the most progressive scientists and experts in oncology in order to widen the existing scope of knowledge and to share the information with practitioners and medical students.

Since 2000, Russian School of Oncologists arranges scientific conferences devoted to epidemiology, etiology, diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of the most common tumors. These conferences gather clinicians from all over Russia and neighboring countries.

We have a special journal entitled «Practical oncology» issued every quarter. The content of each issue is associated with the topic of the conference. The authors publish their results and then present them within the conference. This approach has a clear advantage: the attendees can get acquainted with the publications in advance, so at the event they are ready to participate in discussions and clarify something if needed.

Released journals:
The journal «Practical Oncology» is a member of the CrossRef Association.